I’m  a lover of life’s stories and the lives that people lead.  I adore the movies and am probably one of a few that wish I would have followed some early strong suggestions to pursue an English major.  No matter!!  I’m writing now and enjoying it immensely, having finally discovered I love writing about films, and books about films just as much as I love watching them! I seem to have developed a love for pre-Code movies, those special gems that were released before full-enforcement of the Production Code.  Not only do I admire the sparkling dialogue, wise-cracks and quips, I also adore the frequently phenomenal acting and quick pace. The stunning gowns and make-up, gorgeous guys and lovely women go pretty far too.  Combine those fun elements with the history of the Depression-Era and the struggles of the people, and well, we’re back to story again. So you’ll find some pre-Code here for the most part but also some movies from the later 30’s and early 40’s as well.  Same stable of stars, just reined in a little tighter.

I can usually be found submerged in Old Hollywood movies, reading film star biographies, or discovering other fellow Silver Screen devotees. I’ve found that everyone has a story and these stories are wonderfully told in our cinema, our literature, our lives. As a social worker and therapist, learning the layers of others’ stories has been my life’s work; the unfolding story adds luster and gleam to the most ordinary of moments, simplest of gestures, modest of circumstances, yet together these can create a vision of a life. Film captures these ephemeral glimpses and moving tales as no other medium. Although I’ve loved movies all my life and adored those from the Golden Age for what seems like forever, my current obsession seems only a natural progression of my work. As I know so many have written so much about these films and their stars before me, I only hope to add just a little to the conversation.

I live with my lovely daughter, charming cat and devoted dog in the general vicinity of Detroit, Michigan.

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