A Cinematic Bon-Bon: Raffles (1930)

An United Artists Picture, Screenplay by Sidney Howard based upon the novel by E. W. Hornung,  Director: George Fitzmaurice, Art Director: Park French A charming confection, Raffles exists in a world that meets somewhere between the allure of the truly glamorous, a harmlessly silly aristocracy and a place where crime is non-violent and victimless.  How … Continue reading A Cinematic Bon-Bon: Raffles (1930)


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Book Review – “The Amateur Cracksman” by E. W. Hornung

The figure of the gentleman thief has become so much a part of our psyche in the western world that it’s easy to take such a character for granted.  Generally dashing, good looking, sly, stealthy and charming with the ladies, such figures are sympathetic despite their capers or perhaps even because of them.   We admire … Continue reading Book Review – “The Amateur Cracksman” by E. W. Hornung